MaxOffice: Online Marketplace and SaaS-Based Platform

MaxOffice is a SaaS-based marketplace and an online service platform for leasing flexible workspaces and booking corporate services. Through MaxOffice, members may search for available spaces, customize search results based on their preferences, reserve conference rooms, and access corporate services provided by both AgiiPlus and third-party business partners.

Renovation, Maintenance & Smart Building Solutions

Supported by PropTech applications (such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, cloud technology) , Spacii works with property landlords and enterprises to transform physical properties to premium quality, enable highly efficient operations and long-term sustainable performances.

Serving Rapid-Change Enterprises in Achieving Agile Working

Distrii serves rapid-change, quick-pivot enterprises in emerging sectors. It offers its enterprise customers high-quality, flexible, and productive workspace that enable enterprises to reduce costs while enhancing work efficiency.