About AgiiPlus

AgiiPlus’ vision is to build the future of work and to connect people with technology, data, services and workspace.

AgiiPlus is one of the fast-growing work solution providers with one-stop solution capability based in China and Singapore. By leveraging its proprietary technologies, AgiiPlus offers transformative and integrated working solutions to its customers, including a digital office marketplace to match enterprises with landlords, customizable workspace renovations with smart building solutions, and high-quality flexible workspaces with plug-in software and on-demand services.

Why AgiiPlus

Our group contains three business lines, including —
'MaxOffice', 'Spacii' and 'Distrii'.Specifically,
'MaxOffice' provides online workspace digital service;
'Spacii' specializes in workspace transformation and
smart building upgrade; 'Distrii' engages in the
technology-driven operation and management of
commercial office spaces.

The three integrated business lines provide one-stop
solutions for enterprises and help enterprises improve
business efficiency by offering a full-spectrum of online and
offline agile working solutions beyond the traditional

Business Model

Business Model: Full - Spectrum Work Solutions Driven by S²aaS

AgiiPlus has established an innovative business model called “S²aaS - Space & Software as a Solution”, which combines “Software as a Service”, or SaaS, and “Space as a Service”. This business model relies on proprietary technologies, SaaS-based systems, and high-quality physical workspace to provide customers with fully integrated work solutions for optimal work efficiency.

S²aaS – Space & Software as a solution

Development Timeline

· DISTRii launched in Jan.

· 1st workspace in Shanghai

· Angel Round


· Expanded Beijing market

· Launched smart building business by setting up technology team

· Pre A & A Rounds


· Expanded to Singapore

· Launched SPACii to initiate smart building and renewal solutions


· Started asset-light model partnerships with top tier property owners

· Established team providing various services for enterprises

· A+ Round


· Launched MaxOffice SaaS-based platform

· Obtained business growth under COVID-19 impact


· Restructured to AgiiPlus Group

· Announced entry into merger agreement with the SPAC

Management Team

HU Jing

Founder & CEO

20+ years’ experience in Fortune 500 companies in real estate and smart city industries

Previously served as Executive Vice President, Chief Architect and Board Member in Greenland Group

PhD. in Architecture of Southeast University


Royal Chartered Architect


DAI Jing (Sophia)

15+ years’ experience in international investment, asset management, finance and proptech

Bachelor of International Finance, Fudan University

Master of Science, National University of Singapore

CFA charter holder


WU Jiaqing

Expertise in smart city technology development

Previously served in Greenland as Director of Smart City Services

Ph.D. in Industrial and Management Systems Engineering, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Distrii - GM

CHEN Keming

Expertise in comprehensive operation & marketing

Previously General Manager of Greenland Chengdu

Master of Architectural Design, Shenzhen University


MaxOffice - GM

NI Yong (Leo)

15+ years’ experience of marketing and branding

Previously Marketing Director in Hong Kong Tourism Board

Bachelor of Arts, Shanghai International Studies University

CEIBS EMBA candidate

Spacii - GM


Expertise in space design & construction management

Master of Architecture, Technische Universitat Braunschweig

Bachelor of Architecture, Tongji University

Fudan University EMBA

Head of Overseas Market

HU Yan

10+ years’ experience in business management and financial media

Previously host of CBN

Extensive experience in start-ups and entrepreneurship

International MBA, Fudan University School of Management - MIT Sloan School of Management

Managing Director


Expertise in business development, operation in real estate industry

Previously management role in UA International

Master of Business Administration, Wuhan University

Managing Director

HE Chi

20+ years’ experience of real estate and financing

Previously General Manager of Greenland Hunan

PhD. of Arizona State University

Master of Structural Engineering, Tongji University


Managing Director

HU Bin

20+ years’ experience of architectural design and real estate

Previously General Manager of Greenland Shandong

National 1st-class Registered Architect

Master of Architectural Design, Southeast University

Managing Director

CHU Xuemeng

10+ years’ experience in operation management of business centers and agile offices industry

Previously served as Head of Operation in well-known international chain business centers

Our Vision

AgiiPlus’ vision is to build the future of work and to connect people with technology, data, services and workspace.


• Data from huge network of AgiiPlus and partners
• City-level business intelligence


• Establishing a full-value chain “Internet of Things” platform providing comprehensive enterprise services
• S²aaS (Space and Software as a Service) business model


• Huge inter-connected online and offline network of workspaces
• Community of enterprise customers and partnerships


• Efficiently upgrading and managing smart buildings and other real estate assets
• Participates in urban renewal and smart building technology via fund investment



2021 A' Design Award & Competition Gold Winner
Opinion Index Research Institute ranks second in the operation performance of China's joint office enterprises in 2021
AgiiPlus’ brand strong upgrade:defining a new concept of Agile Office


2020 CRECC Top Urban Regeneration and Renewal Project Operator
The 10th IF Commercial Real Estate Conference Leading Technology-driven New Office Operator
The 9th China Finance Summit 2020 Influential
iiMedia Online Reputation Top 1
Guandian Report Institute November China’s Co-working Brand Development Top 2
2020 China Real Estate Asset Management & Innovation Summit Office Asset Management
2020 the 23rd China Interior Design Awards Sliver Winner
2020 Spark Awards Nominated


2019 Interior Design Excellence Awards Sliver Winner
Highlighted Office Property’s Energy Outstanding Workspace Service Provider
China Real Estate Asset Management & Innovation Summit Office Asset Management Leader: Distrii Shangdi Neo Office Space
China Urban Regeneration Forum Gold Key Winner
China Finance Summit Winter Forum 2019 Industry Leader Award Winner
Oversea Center for SSME in Singapore


Creative Working Top Brand of the Year
Shanghai Jing’an Model Company
IF Commercial Real Estate Conference Innovation Leading Company
Highlighted Office Property’s Energy Winner
Elite Habitat Awards Top Operator
China Real Estate Asset Management & Innovation Summit New Power of the Year
China Real Estate Asset Management & Innovation Summit Influential Leader of the Year HU Jing
Distrii Zhongguancun Yuelai Office Space
Distrii Grand Gateway Office Space
China Real Estate Fashion Awards Top 10 Co-working Brand
Shanghai Jingan entrepreneurship Top 100 Company


Elite Habitat Awards Top Co-working Community
Best Way Swan Awards Smart Technology Innovation Award
China Most Energetic Space Award
China Co-working Top 10 Operators


Pureformance Challenge Best Indoor Air Quality Award