About AgiiPlus

AgiiPlus is a leading provider of full-spectrum agile working solutions primarily for serving booming rapid-changing, quick-pivoting enterprises with progressive businesses in emerging sectors of China and Singapore.

AgiiPlus focuses on serving booming rapid-changing, quick-pivoting enterprises and emerging sectors. Currently, in order to adapt to the fierce competition and rapidly-changing market demands, more and more enterprises adjust their developing model to one that is more agile. Rapid-changing, quick-pivoting enterprises generally have the characteristics of a more flexible organizational structure, with higher technological attributes, more focused on primary business development. As a rapid-changing, quick-pivoting enterprise is more agile with office needs, they require a one-stop solution that can dynamically meet the different demands in their business life-cycle.

Relying on its proprietary technologies, AgiiPlus offers transformative integrated online-offline agile working solutions to its customers, including a digital office marketplace to match enterprises with landlords, customized prefab renovation and smart building solutions, high quality flexible workspace with plug-in software and on-demand services.

Why AgiiPlus

Our Group contains three business lines, including —
'MaxOffice', 'Spacii' and 'Distrii'.Specifically,
'MaxOffice' provides online workspace digital service;
'Spacii' specializes in workspace transformation and
smart building upgrade; and 'Distrii' engages in the
technology-driven operation and management of
commercial office spaces.

The three integrated business lines provide one-stop
solutions for enterprises and help enterprises improve
business efficiency by offering a full spectrum of online and
offline agile working solutions beyond the traditional

Agiiplus has developed its business to 2 countries and 8 cities, establishing
the leading position in Tier-1 core cities in China and Singapore.

Business Model

Integrated Online to Offline Platform Enlarging Customer Base

The integration of three business divisions has created an enlarged common pool of customer base who requires office spaces and enterprise services. The circulation within the ecosystem has further increased the transaction frequency and reduced the transaction costs.

We distinguish our business model as S²aaS – Space & Software as a solution.

AgiiPlus established a disruptive business model called S²aaS - Space & Software as a solution which leverages property technology (“PropTech”) and SaaS-based system to drive greater efficiency and transparency in the market.

Development Timeline


  • IN JUNEAgiiPlus provides next generation solutions to help the business embrace the agile working trends by upgrading the workspace value chain.
  • IN OCTOBERSettled in Xihai International Center, a landmark building in Beijing.
  • IN MARCHPartner with Chelsfield and Pamfleet.


  • IN DECEMBERPartner with Blackstone Group and Zhongrong Trust.
  • IN JULYFormally launched MaxOffice, an online service platform integrated with offline workspace centers to provide full-pectrum one-stop solutions.
  • IN JUNEPartner with Gaw Capital and Pamfleet. Our professional asset management capability is recognized by top-tier real estate funds.
  • IN MARCHFormally launched Spacii, providing property enhancement and smart building transformation solutions.
  • IN SEPTEMBERExpanded to Beijing and launched Kiitdge business unit which develops smart building technology solutions.
  • IN NOVEMBEREntered into the overseas market - Singapore.
  • IN NOVEMBERHuazhu Group joined as an angel investor.
Management team

Chairman's address:

"Pragmatic, honest, enthusiastic, ideal" is the corporate culture of Agiiplus Group. It is our original intention to become the one-stop solution leader for agile working. We hope that through our efforts, Agiiplus Group can witness the arrival of the era of agile cities in China and even the world.

HU Jing

Founder & CEO

• 20+ years experience in Fortune 500 companies in real estate and smart city industries

• Previously served as VP, Chief Architect and Board of Directors in Greenland Group

• Passion, expertise and experience in rebuilding agile commercial real-estate industry

• Doctor of Southeast University EMBA

• Royal Chartered Architect

DAI Jing

Chief Financial Officer

• Expertise in investment,asset management,finance and Proptech PE

• Previously served as investment director of CDL and AM alpha asia Master of NUS,degree from Fudan University,and CFA

WU Jiaqing

Chief Technology Officer

• Expertise in smart city technology development

• Previously served in Greenland and Alcatel as R&D director

• Doctor of University of Nebraska Lincoln

NI Yong

MaxOffice GM

• 15+ years experience of marketing and branding

• Previously marketing director in Hong Kong Tourise Board

• CEIBS EMBA candidate

CHEN Keming

Distrii GM

• Expertise in comprehensive operation and marketing

• Previously GM of Greenland Chengdu

• Master of Shenzhen University



Spacii GM

• Expertise in space design and construction management

• Master of Technische Universitat Braunschweig

• Master of Tongji University

• Fudan University EMBA


Chief Investment Officer

• Expertise in organization operation in real estate industry

• Previously HRD in UA International

• Master of Wuhan University

HU Yan

Head of Overseas

• 10+ years experience in business management and financial media

• Previously host of CBN

• Yeas of business start-up

• Fudan University MBA

HE Chi

Senior Vice President

• 15+ experience in real estate industry and real estate financing

• Senior executive of Greenland Hunan region

• PhD of International Finance, Arizona State University, USA CEIBS, EMBA

• Master of Structural Engineering, Tongji University

HU Bin

Senior Vice President

• 15+ experience in architectural designing and real estate industry

• Senior executive of Shandong region of Greenland Group and the chief designer of Architectural Design Institute of Tongji University

• Class A Registered Architect

• Master of Architectural Design, Southeast University

Our Vision

AgiiPlus will continue to expand and prosper by elaborating the advantages of the exclusive S²aaS business model.


• Data from huge network of AgiiPlus and associates’ property
• Business intelligence


• From property operation, working management and comprehensive service providing
• S²aaS (Space and Software as a Service)


• Massive companies and individuals in AgiiPlus online platform
• A huge community combined with clients and partners


• Evaluate and engage into property finance
• Efficient operation of assets



2021 A' Design Award & Competition Gold Winne


2020 CRECC Top Urban Regeneration and Renewal Project Operator
The 10th IF Commercial Real Estate Conference Leading Technology-driven New Office Operator
The 9th China Finance Summit 2020 Influential
iiMedia Online Reputation Top 1
Guandian Report Institute November China’s Co-working Brand Development Top 2
2020 China Real Estate Asset Management & Innovation Summit Office Asset Management
2020 China Real Estate Asset Management & Innovation Summit Office Asset Management
2020 the 23rd China Interior Design Awards Sliver Winner
2020 Spark Awards Nominated


2021 A' Design Award & Competition Bronze Winner
2019 Interior Design Excellence Awards Sliver Winner
Highlighted Office Property’s Energy Outstanding Workspace Service Provider
China Real Estate Asset Management & Innovation Summit Office Asset Management Leader: Distrii Shangdi Neo Office Space
China Urban Regeneration Forum Gold Key Winner
China Finance Summit Winter Forum 2019 Industry Leader Award Winner
Oversea Center for SSME in Singapore


Creative Working Top Brand of the Year
Shanghai Jing’an Model Company
IF Commercial Real Estate Conference Innovation Leading Company
Highlighted Office Property’s Energy Winner
Elite Habitat Awards Top Operator
China Real Estate Asset Management & Innovation Summit New Power of the Year
China Real Estate Asset Management & Innovation Summit Influential Leader of the Year HU Jing
Distrii Zhongguancun Yuelai Office Space
Distrii Grand Gateway Office Space
China Real Estate Fashion Awards Top 10 Co-working Brand
Shanghai Jingan entrepreneurship Top 100 Company


Elite Habitat Awards Top Co-working Community
Best Way Swan Awards Smart Technology Innovation Award
China Most Energetic Space Award
China Co-working Top 10 Operators


Pureformance Challenge Best Indoor Air Quality Award